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Need help with changing your place of residence or business to the sunshine state? The experienced attorneys at Ward Damon are eager to offer you their guidance and 30+ years of knowledge gained from handling all your Florida change of domicile needs. There are numerous reasons an individual or a corporation may want to change their domicile to the State of Florida. These range from personal reasons such as a new job or retirement to tax reasons.

Moving from a state with high income and estate taxes to a state without income and estate taxes, such as Florida, can be very beneficial if planned and executed correctly.

More often than not, tax authorities from the state a taxpayer is leaving will challenge the change of domicile and look for ways to ensure the taxpayer is still obligated to pay taxes to that state. This is why it is important to work with a local law firm that is adept and knowledgeable about all the current procedures and requirements as it relates to successfully changing the domicile of your business or residency to Florida.

Our team of 20+ attorneys are here to help you successfully navigate the entire process. We invite you to reach out to us here at Ward Damon for all your Florida Change of Domicile and any other legal needs, today.

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