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A great boss can make a great job, employee

Why celebrate your boss this Wednesday on National Boss’ Day?

Because it’s your boss who can make today divine or dreadful — and help set the course for your career.

Since leadership — and sometimes the lack of it — is in the news constantly, we asked some local people who their favorite leaders were and why.

JEFF PHETERSON, partner at Ward, Damon, Posner, Pheterson and Bleau:

“I am managing partner in a law firm now, but one of the most insightful bosses I ever had was an artist: Burt Knandel, a florist. My parents owned a flower shop in Rochester, N.Y. Burt was a stickler for neatness and he continuously spun out aphorisms, on the fly, many that I use to this day. He taught me the efficient use of time and spatial organization. He taught me how to triage under pressure: Don’t confuse the urgent with the important.

My favorite “Burtisms”:

“Never go anywhere empty-handed.” Look for something that needs to get back to its original spot, and take it there. It helps in a trial setting.

“A place for everything and everything in its place.” With scissors, knives, wire cutters, ribbons of every hue, this was an important rule. This helps to manage a busy calendar.

“Ship it!” After fussing with making an arrangement at some point, trying to get it just so, don’t fuss any more. That is, don’t be such a perfectionist!

DENISE BLEAU, partner at Ward, Damon, Posner, Pheterson and Bleau

“Chris Ford, Esquire, was my best boss. Every path my life has taken can be directly traced to what I learned from him. He hired me right after I graduated from the University of Florida Law School. He was extremely fair, yet quite demanding. As the County Attorney for Lake County Board of County Commissioners and the owner of a law firm serving private clients as well, he was extremely busy, but he made time to mentor and teach me what I needed to know professionally while also helping me grow personally. Although he was a very hard worker, he enjoyed relaxing and having fun as well, and he taught me that a well-balanced life included time for family and fun as well as hard work.”